Alli Sobaszek

Alli is a Minneapolis based graphic designer who feels like design is a way of life. She would love the opportunity to bring her knowledge and love for branding, packaging, and design to the table for the Branchfood community. A majority of her 10+ year design career has been designing with the store guest in mind, and it has been a pleasure for her to bring brands to life and to retail.


They build, refine and measure brands, products and digital experiences.

Astronaut Monastery

Astronaut Monastery is a creative studio, focused on brand identity design (logos, websites, voicing, packaging, etc) and creative production (fundraising decks, product photography, video, etc). They work with many food industry brands (MealPal, Sweetgreen, Anheuser-Busch, etc) as well as early stage startups and larger brands (Cole Haan, Hyundai, Uniqlo, Disney-ABC, McKinsey, etc). Their decentralized model allows for razor-sharp insights and the best-in-class creative. 

DISCOUNT: Branchfood members receive 10% off of Astronaut Monastery's services. Please reach out to for more information or to redeem this discount.

Bluerock Design

Bluerock Design was founded in Boston, MA and is based on Martha’s Vineyard. Their comprehensive branding process withstands shifts in trends by creating timeless design. They believe that good design can improve the world. They create value by using that power to build connections between clients and their audiences. They take the time to understand your business’ culture, so you can focus on the business. Good design is good business.


IDEO is a global design company. They create positive impact through design.


They partner with food & bev brands to sell passion, not product. They specialize in branding and packaging design – crafting insights from consumer behavior, industry innovation and company culture.

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Juno Web Design

Juno is a strategic design partner that'll help you polish your product and bring it to market. They help you take your early-stage company to the next level by building you a brand that you're confident will reflect the unique identity and voice of your business across all social media, web content, and print materials. They'll also work with you to design and produce the materials necessary to commercialize your venture so you can focus on building your business.


  • A free 20-minute design consultation to help community members figure out how to best accomplish your design goals and answer common design questions
  • A 20% discount on our website, branding, and packaging services.

Kuality Design

This boutique UI design agency helps Startups & Enterprises create coherent, intuitive, and easy to navigate user-interface designs, for desktop and mobile applications. If you're a CEO, Product Owner, Business Strategist, Entrepreneur, or Technology Consultant, and want to discuss a new UI product or feature, or partnership, reach out.


Pinkergreen is a full-service graphic design studio for startups and centuries-old businesses alike. They deliver everything you’d expect from the big guys—first class strategy, design, copywriting, web, illustration, and more—but they do it the Pinkergreen way. With thoughtfulness, a personal touch, and our own brand of spunk.

Shanna Gordon Designs

Design company with experience in Art Direction, Graphic Design, Web Design, Stop Motion Video, Project Management, Front End Development, Marketing, Management, UI, UX, General Creative Services, Creating Brand Book, Fine Arts and more.


Toy's Path

Toy is a big believer in Brand and Storytelling. As a brand strategist, he specializes in food and personal branding. He believes that storytelling is the key to strengthening a brand and differentiating its products and services from others. 

Wright Design

Mission: To help consumer products (CPG) brand managers receive the highest return on investment from their package design…whether the manager is an entrepreneur just starting up or a Fortune 100 brand manager tasked with revitalizing a brand.