Food Edge 2018

Disruption in the food business is the new normal. Find your edge. Brands that want to be leaders in the industries of the future must find their innovative edge today. Food Edge is a first-of-its-kind summit that brings together the food industry’s largest brands, alongside dynamic startups and disruptive leaders, to help you find your brand’s edge. Packed with two days of inspiring speakers, innovation workshops, and fireside chats, Food Edge will explore the trends, strategies, and capabilities that can become your edge in the marketplace  — everything from sustainable sourcing and recipe innovation to product design, customer experience, and social media. 


Naturally Boulder Resources

Naturally Boulder is a very similar to Branchfood in that it is a community of members of the food community and works to provide resources and assistance to these members. Their knowledge and resource portal is open to the public and filled with helpful and interesting presentations.

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Massachusetts Specialty Foods Association

The MA Specialty Foods Association's resource panel also includes some presentations.