Associated Brokerage Group is a locally owned commercial real estate brokerage firm, specializing in the sale and leasing of office, retail, industrial and other unique commercial properties throughout Greater Boston and Eastern Massachusetts. ABG distinguishes itself from larger conglomerates, as well as from other brokerage houses, by its "boutique-style" structure, which allows for more personal and creative client focus. Less on bureaucracy and management, and more on practical market knowledge and experience, their representatives approach each client with tailored marketing solutions and above all, a personal commitment to fully service their accounts.

The Boston Restaurant Group, Inc.

The Boston Restaurant Group, Inc. is a commercial real estate firm that specializes in selling restaurants, leasing restaurant space, restaurant appraisals and management consulting.

Boston Urban Partners

Boston Urban Partners is the only firm in the Boston-Cambridge trade area focused solely on retail and restaurant leasing. In an industry where everyone is advertising themselves as dynamic, innovative and having the best network, how does a firm establish itself as best-in-class and a true leader? At Boston Urban Partners, their competitive edge comes directly from the tangible benefits they provide our clients. Founded in 2010, their primary goal since inception has been to increase the value of their clients’ real estate assets through maximizing NOI.

Corbett Restaurant Group

Corbett Restaurant Group is the leading commercial real estate firm located in Boston that specializes in the sale and leasing of restaurants and other types of hospitality business. Their experience and expertise make them an invaluable partner to have on your side when buying, selling or leasing a restaurant or hospitality business on any level. Corbett Restaurant Group has dedicated itself to understanding the restaurant business and has discovered what it takes to bring buyers and sellers together within this industry. They drive each and every transaction through to an orderly close. As a trusted adviser, they provide the information and tools necessary for their clients to make the best decisions possible.

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CRE Brokerage

CRE Brokerage Boston LLC (“CRE”) is a Massachusetts Limited Liability Company dedicated to brokering commercial real estate in the City of Boston and nearby town centers in the Commonwealth where favorable demographics and valuable commercial real estate draws local, regional, national and international demand. CRE offers its clients and customers vast corporate expertise, experience and over 30 years of established contacts related to commercial real estate brokerage services including leasing, sales, consulting, arbitration and expert witness opinions. The principals carefully assess each opportunity CRE is fortunate enough to entertain and thoughtfully take on assignments where CRE is best suited to deliver results by way of quality service and integrity. The underlying goal common to all CRE projects is to foster repeat business and referrals through meaningful business relationships which will endure beyond the scope of work.



Graffito SP

GraffitoSP is a retail development and urban placemaking advisory firm.