The Makeup Of Our Food Network

With the words “sustainable” and “local” regularly used to characterize the Massachusetts food landscape, people tend to celebrate the two ends of sustainable food system; the farm gate and the dinner plate - but that is just a taste of the food system here in Boston. We can't forget the other essential ingredients that add dynamic flavor to this top-rated U.S. food city; food tech, distributors, packaging, transportation, infrastructure, etc. With so much going on, we were inspired to create the Boston Food Network, a resource highlighting food organizations in Boston and beyond.

We've compiled a database to capture the broader picture of the food movement, and we are proud to state that the Boston Food Network includes more than 150 local food producers, distributers, facilitators, and even food recovery organizations.

Hopefully you know our motto already, but it is always worth repeating. “We believe innovation will fix our broken food system.” System is the key word here. It takes a wide array of innovative industries to shape the ecosphere of Boston food. With new and improved food production like Grovelabs, funds in support of food product innovation like Edible Ventures, and of course, deliciously sustainable foods produced at local shops like Clover Food Lab, the recipe for success depends on this collaborative diversity.  

At Branchfood, we truly believe Boston has the potential to be one of the strongest food systems in the country, and we want to do all that we can to contribute. Our goal with the Boston Food Network is to promote the growing sustainable food community and paint a clearer picture of our ecosystem. 

More than that, we want you to contribute as well. If you have suggestions for how we can improve and expand this food network, please give us your feedback here