Food Takes the Stage at MassChallenge 2016


When Hamdi Ulukaya bought a yogurt plant in 2005, he probably didn’t expect that it would become the yogurt empire known as Chobani. In the same way, the companies that have ‘graduated’ this year from the MassChallenge accelerator have all evolved from auspicious beginnings to become growing names in Boston’s food startup scene. Hamdi delivered the keynote speech at the MassChallenge Award Ceremony held last week at the Boston Convention Center to 1,600 attendees in support of local innovation. 

From fast-casual vegan bowls to fertilizer and alcoholic ginger beer, these businesses have demonstrated that a dedicated team and an innovative idea are the building blocks for a successful business. And, with the cash prizes provided by MassChallenge, they’re poised to continue growing. Who knows? Before long, they may be household names. In the meantime, though, we’ve compiled a list of the various food companies that made a showing amongst the winners. Take a look!

  • Buttery | About

    • No mark-up delivery of wines, craft beers, and spirits from liquor stores.

  • Franklin Robotics | About

    • Develops robots for agricultural uses such as weed removal.

  • Precise Portions | About

    • Teach children and adults to eat smarter with this easy portion control dinnerware.

  • Whole Heart Provisions | About | 2016 Gold Sponsor

    • Fast, casual, healthy, and delicious vegan bowls.

  • Asarasi Sparkling Tree Water | About

    • Recovering the wasted byproduct of maple syrup production to create delicious and sustainable sparkling water.

  • Farmer Willie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer | About | 2016 Silver Sponsor

    • Based on a recipe by a Cape Cod goat farmer, this is fresh and crisp ginger beer.

  • New Grounds Food | About

    • Creators of the CoffeeBar, an energy bar infused with a full cup of coffee.

  • Safi Organics | About

    • Developed a fertilizer blend that improves yield and reduces cost for farmers.

  • Zasaka Agro Limited | About

    • Helping Zambian farmers through education in order to increase incomes and reduce vulnerability of their major cash crop - legumes.

  • Zombait | About

    • A robotic fishing device that mimics living bait fish in order to improve fishing yield and frequency.

  • Antera Theraputics | About

    • Creates all-natural therapies to reduce the risk of allergy development in infants.

  • Archer Roose | About

    • Luxury wine at a discount provided in boxed form to adapt to changing tastes.

  • Spyce | About

    • A fully automated restaurant that can produce healthy meals at prices that are competitive with fast-food.