Food Takes the Stage at Mass Challenge 2018

Food at MassChallenge 2018.png

This is an exciting time of year as the MassChallenge Boston cohort was announced on May 23rd. 1,600 applicants from countries across the world competed and 128 startups have succeeded as finalists. Another exciting note about this cohort is that more than half (51%) of these startups include at least one female founder.

Startups in the food & beverage and social impact sectors are given the opportunity to participate in the Mass Challenge program’s first-ever industry tracks, offering specialized support and resources along with access to Boston’s impact ecosystem based on increasing demand in these areas.

Here is a list of the various food companies that have made it as finalists at MassChallenge Boston 2018. Enjoy!

  • Akua

    • Creates food in the right way - healthy and delicious with a positive impact on the planet

  • Eleis Farm

    • Cultivates, processes, and exports palm oil for the African diaspora and farmer, while simultaneously empowering women and promoting socio-economic development

  • IQ Bar

    • Democratizes brain food by creating grain-free, non-GMO energy bars that are packed with healthy fats and fortifying compounds

  • Kestrel Agritech

    • Reducing crop loss through automated pest detection & control using real-time thermal surveillance from unmanned drones


    • Excites palates with hibiscus, baobab and ginger, all authentic, delicious, nutrient-rich beverages

  • Natured

    • Brings groceries from local food makers to your doorstep, making the farmer's market experience convenient and affordable

  • OURgrain

    • Creates sustainable consumables that have a significant impact on food waste while delivering quality and healthfulness

  • Rootastes (Branchfood Community Member)

    • Creates experiential lunch programs as a perk for the staffs of fast-growing and culture-centric companies

  • WarmUp LLC

    • An all-natural, gluten-free, and high-protein coffee containing 15 grams of protein per serving that can be served hot or iced

  • Food For All

    • Dine for as little as $3 and save the planet – app connecting users to surplus food from restaurants at a deep discount one hour before they close

  • Labby

    • An IoT analyzer that uses AI and spectroscopy for food, beverage & agro testing

  • Black Girls Nutrition

    • Geo-social network culturally customized for black women & daughters battling obesity

  • Coletteys Cookies

    • Born with down syndrome, Collette could not find a paying job – so she opened her own homemade cookie company and is employing people with disabilities  

  • MEANS Database

    • Fights food waste and hunger throughout the US by connecting retailers and restaurants with unsold food to nearby hunger nonprofits


To get more information about these startups or see the rest of the finalists, head to MassChallenge.